20 Ideas For Your Essay About The Current Education System

Are you in the process of creating an essay about the education system, but have not yet decided what type of topic you are going on be working on? Then you should take the time to read the rest of this article form some good quality suggestions on titles that you can tackle. It is quite easy to finish a project when you understand the ideal title for you interests. With that thought in mind, here are the top essay titles that you can choose for your project on the current education system:

  1. What do you feel are the big advantages of the current education system?

  2. What do you think are the big disadvantages of the current education system?

  3. What type of shortcomings does the current education system not manage to shake off?

  4. How can the current education system be improved?

  5. What areas should be funded of the current education system?

  6. Are currently teachers paid the right amount of money for the work that they do?

  7. What experiences have you had with the current education system?

  8. Do you feel that kids nowadays are being taught enough subjects at school?

  9. Do you feel that kids are not being disciplined well enough at school?

  10. What can be done by parents to improve the education that their child receives in school?

  11. What top government initiatives out there have improved the quality of the education recently?

  12. What can be done to ensure that teachers are better motivated to teach?

  13. Should money be spent on upgrading the quality of the classrooms?

  14. Is enough being done to upgrade the quality of the technology in the classrooms?

  15. Should parents give money to schools in order to support them?

  16. What measures are currently in place to protect those who are being bullied?

  17. How can teacher spot bullying and stop it?

  18. What can be done to ensure that more students get a passing grade in their work?

  19. How can a teacher decrease the level of distractions in the classroom?

  20. What can be done to help those students that have learning difficulties in the classroom, and when doing their homework?

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