20 Interesting Sample Essay Prompts On Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump is perhaps a very familiar name to everyone, there are a number of people who have not read the book but probably more people have seen the film since it has become one of the most highly acclaimed films in movie history. In addition, the story actually follows the title character as the main actor retells the events or stories of a plethora of the adventures he has undergone all through his lifetime, wherein the adventures range from his championships in playing ping pong up until his life in Vietnam War.

It is worthy of note that throughout the story, the character told many of his adventures and some of such adventures are tragic while some are victorious. In the same way, the story also goes to reveal how Forrest has changed from a very young lad to a grown-up man you see in the end part of the story. The story is highly recognized as a very powerful one in that it could leave a mark on the heart of the reader or viewer.

Here are some of the engrossing sample essay prompts on Forrest Gump:

  1. The Spirit of One Man's Journey
  2. How valuable are the motifs in Forrest Gump?
  3. The Psychology of Forrest Gump
  4. Stereotypes About People With Disabilities
  5. What made Forrest Gump an inspiration to many different people around the globe?
  6. Making Sense of the Vietnam War
  7. What made Forrest Gump the kind of movie that is loved by many?
  8. Forrest Gump as the Present Day Fairytale
  9. Cite the numerous examples of sociological imagination in Forrest Gump
  10. What is the main character’s view of life in Forrest Gump?
  11. How are Forrest Gump book version and movie version different?
  12. Why the Vietnam War was probably considered the most significant of the historical events in Forrest Gump?
  13. How a disabled person was treated in the film Forrest Gump?
  14. Why Forrest Gump is deemed as a personal inspiration to viewers?
  15. How are the book and movie Forrest Gump similar or different?
  16. The numerous ordeals all through different stages of the main character’s life in Forrest Gump
  17. What lessons can be learned from the movie Forrest Gump?
  18. How can a simple movie life Forrest Gump influence and inspire viewers?
  19. What made Forrest Gump the type of film that is worthy of recognition and awards?
  20. What is the message that the movie Forrest Gump wishes to impart to its viewers?

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